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Communicator Coverings removes the barrier for those who rely heavily on visual communication including deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Visual cues, lip reading, facial expressions, can now be accessible by purchasing Communicator Coverings for your team or family. Communicator Coverings reduce miscommunication and confusion while still adhering to safety and infection protocol.
Mothers of small children also appreciate the products as well, while there may not necessarily be an auditory need. Instead, the Communicator Coverings assist with visual bonding, early childhood development, and visual stimulation. This is especially helpful during long times outside of the home, or when visitors may be present.
  • Covering is made of a cotton blend that is washable & reusable!
  • Three layer mask, includes a third layer of an interface to provide structure and keep you protected!
  • Wire nose clip for addition comfort and support!
  • Hand made locally in Michigan by Potter Essentials Co!


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